How Innovate Marketing Group Embraces Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Diversity Inclusion and Equality


In the wake of major social and political changes, many leading companies are now taking necessary steps to increase and improve diversity,  inclusion and equality within their workspace. The need for increased representation and support for all cultures and backgrounds is needed now more than ever and benefits both the people and the company. Our CEO, Amanda Ma, always says “Be the change you
want to see.” Ingraining the importance of representation within our company and industry.

It is proven that most businesses are quickly implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within their cultural framework. However, it is important to implement this past just simple mandatory training and keywords used for SEO results. Making DEI initiatives a priority will drastically improve your employees’ happiness and performance and the company’s benefits.

  • 33% more likely to generate better-than-average profits. (1)
  •  70% more likely to capture new markets. (1)
  • Generate 19% more revenue from innovation than companies with below-average
    leadership diversity. (1)

Understanding the meaning of DEI is the first step:

Diversity: The practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.

Equity: the quality of being fair and impartial.

Inclusion: The practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people
who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those who have physical or mental
disabilities and members of other minority groups


How Innovate Maketing Group embraces Diversity Inclusion and equity

Each of these reinforces the other, creating a cohesive and solid value system that holds an organization accountable in regard to who they hire, who is promoted to positions of power, and why. Movements such as Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate have brought to light the worrisome effects of racially charged acts of hate and violence, but it has also brought forth the effects of racism and lack of diversity within the general framework of our society, one of the most important being the world of business.

Within our society, the majority of adults work under a company or organization, the employees and teams that they curate should be a general reflection of the demographic of the world around us, but oftentimes this does not come to fruition. Event management agency, Innovate Marketing Group – which offers virtual, hybrid, and in-person experiences for companies like Facebook, Tik Tok, Honda, and East West Bank, has always placed diversity and inclusion as a priority.

DEI initiatives have been integrated into the framework here at Innovate Marketing Group since its conception. Led by CEO Amanda Ma, Innovate Marketing Group is a proud Woman and Asian Owned business and has widely supported diversity in all forms: race, age, gender, and many more.


Our company:

Within Innovate Marketing Group, our team is cultivated to be a mix of different backgrounds and walks of life. 60% of our core team are people of color and 85% are women. We stand by the notion that in order to understand the variety of backgrounds within our target market, having a team member who represents that client’s gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or culture is pivotal in understanding their goals and strategy.

Several of our team members in managerial positions are people of color as well. Often, we see a company’s DEI initiatives start and end within entry-level positions. Hiring with DEI in mind for positions of power provides a foundation of growth for a multitude of individuals.

Our suppliers:

Within our business process, we have a list of our preferred vendors and suppliers we bring in to help make our events into memorable experiences for our clients. Over 50% of our preferred vendors are minority or women-owned businesses. We have consciously curated a list of partners that both provide extraordinary services and differing backgrounds.

We stand behind supporting minority and women-owned businesses and providing them opportunities to grow as well as increasing their roster of clients. Many companies as well have KPIs or goals regarding increasing their DEI efforts to include more Minority and Women-Owned Businesses to partner with. Our clients know that when they retain our agency for their events, we bring not only great results but a diverse team and suppliers that embody diversity and inclusion.


Our events/clients

As a company, we take our values very seriously, and we extend this to the events we produce and the clients we work with. We provide services to a variety of multicultural organizations such as The Latino Coalition, the leading advocacy and membership organization for U.S. Hispanic businesses, The Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council, which represents the interests of more than 900,000
minority businesses and serve nearly 1,300 NMSDC-certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and more than 1,700 National corporate members (2), the Leadership Education for Asian Pacific’s, whose mission is to achieve full participation and equality for Asian and Pacific Islanders (APIs) through leadership, empowerment, and policy, and many more.

We believe in our client’s missions and goals regarding bringing to light the cultures they represent and the need for representation. Innovate Marketing Group is proud to stand behind these important causes and supporting their communities to the fullest extent, while creating a memorable and fun experience for everyone involved.

Ultimately, it is everyone’s responsibility to help bring in a new age and a new culture that fully embraces the necessity of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. As a Woman and Minority-Owned company, we will continue to do our part at shining a light on the communities that need it most and the businesses that deserve recognition.


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