How to Make Your Next Event Instagram Worthy!

Top Los Angeles event planning agency, Innovate Marketing Group, knows how to create WOW moments at every event. How you may ask? They have acknowledged just how vital it is to have an event that is, quite frankly, photogenic. Nowadays, putting an event on the digital map is easy because of the power of social media. When you combine the need for the two, you get an “Instagrammable” event! Below are top five ideas on how to trend up your upcoming special occasion.

  1. Take your step and repeat to a lavish level by creating your company logo with in-season flowers and greenery.


2. Greet guests with radiant talent! Our Golden Girls welcomed guests, celebrated raffle winners, and posed for fun photos with excited guests.


3. Create an eye-catching, colorful vignette lounge for guests to not only take a break from walking but also serve as a branded photo opportunity!

4. Balloon organzas are always crowd pleasers! These cascades doubled as on-theme décor and in demand photograph backdrops.