How to Make Your Theme Stand Out

It is very common nowadays for a party or event to have a theme, however, it is also very common for guests to be confused because a theme is not always evident. There are so many ways to integrate your theme into the event, from the décor, food, entertainment, venue and even the guests themselves can help your theme shine through. So it is very useful to brainstorm ideas of how the theme can be tied into each element in a simple but creative way.

For instance, the guests should be able to look at the décor and entertainment and immediately think of the specific theme the event is. It is very important that the overall first impression parallels the desired ambiance of the event.

With the food, it very easy to be really creative with how you want the theme to be reflected, from teacup cupcakes at a garden party to an assorted salsa bar at a Mexicana Fiesta, food is an easy and fun way to enhance the theme of the event.

The venue does not necessarily have to directly correlate with the theme because that is what the décor is for, but the right venue in terms of location, size and layout can help enrich the theme as well.

Also never be afraid to ask for guests to dress up for the event! Secretly, we all do love dressing up because it is fun to be someone else for a night, and it only will help you theme stand out more!

It is so easy to go overboard when trying to incorporate a theme for an event, so never forget the rule of thumb, “Less Is More.”