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Our webinars will help you stay ahead of event industry trends, and gain practical insights that will elevate your events.


You are invited to ” How to Make Your Creator Events Thrive.” A masterclass tailored for visionary marketers who are implementing influencer marketing campaigns and seeking to maximize the potential of creator events. 

Global brands like TikTok, Google, and Amazon are successfully implementing diverse event strategies to maximize the impact of their Creator Marketing initiatives. 

Join us as we explore the opportunities within creator events, analyze successful brand strategies, and discover ways to integrate these tactics into your own event approach.  

 Date: Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 Time: 10 AM PST

 Join us to discuss:  

  • How to find the right creators that align to your brand and how to keep them engaged? 
  • Explore event strategies to foster genuine connections with influencers.  
  • How to tailor your creator events to diverse and multicultural audiences? 
  • How to leverage brand collaborations and partnerships for maximized impact? 
  • Real examples of how events are being implemented by the BIG brands 


Amanda Ma is the Founder and CEO of Innovate Marketing Group, an award-winning event management agency based in Los Angeles for top brands such as TikTok, Google, and East West Bank (Live, hybrid, virtual). Under Amanda’s leadership, the agency has quickly become one of the most sought-after events firms in the area, known for delivering results and building long-term relationships with clients. With more than 20 years of experience in events and marketing. Amanda is a true visionary and thought leader in the industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in events and marketing. She was named Eventx “Top 100 Most Influential People in the Event Industry Globally” and Bizbash Top 500 most influential event professionals in the US. She is recognized as a business and community leader. She is also the host of the EventUp Podcast and a #1 Amazon bestselling author. Amanda has been a long-time champion for DEI and AAPI and continues to serve on several boards and advisory councils. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family and traveling.

Sara Rosas is our accomplished Business Development Manager with a robust background in Experiential Marketing and Events. Sara has played a pivotal role in generating lucrative Business opportunities for esteemed brands such as Google, East West Bank, and Comcast, among other Fortune 500 clients. Her strategic prowess and creative flair shine through in her ability to conceive and execute impactful marketing initiatives that not only enhance brand visibility but also cultivate lasting connections with diverse audiences. Sara’s track record is a testament to her talent for identifying untapped market potentials and delivering innovative solutions, making her a driving force in the industry. With an impressive portfolio and a commitment to excellence, Sara Rosas continues to shape and redefine the landscape of business development in the realm of experiential marketing.


Event Strategies for Asian American Market

Leading brands such as LEGO, Johnny Walker, and Coca-Cola are actively embracing the Asian American market. But ultimately, various of them are not having the success that they’re looking for. Why?

The insights and event strategies shared during this masterclass will help you avoid repeating the same embarrassing mistakes that other brands do and give you the tools to win the hearts of the Asian American market. 

Event Industry Forecast 2024

Event Industry Forecast 2024

Our highly anticipated Event Industry Forecast 2024 webinar. An exclusive sneak peek into the future of events. 

  • The Creator Economy is BOOMING!
  • AI has entered the room.
  • Brand collaborations
  • Multi-region event series to champion DE&I, and foster a sense of belonging.
  • And more!


Holiday Party Planning Webinar

Unwrap your holiday event’s potential. During this webinar, we explored a variety of event ideas you can utilize to maximize the potential of your holiday parties and make this holiday season the best one yet!  

We are here to help you thrive this holiday season. Remember, it’s the collaborative effort that makes our events shine. 

Multicultural Marketing for Marketing Leaders & CMOs

The second webinar of the Diversity Makes Us Better series, this time with a focus on Multicultural Marketing and the challenges and opportunities for marketing leaders and CMOs.

We invited an amazing group of Multicultural Marketing experts to help us discuss challenges and opportunities that will help you make better decisions.

Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

A virtual panel discussion on the best practices to help business leaders, companies and organizations build more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

We invited an amazing group of DEI experts to help us discuss challenges and best practices to help companies build a culture of diversity and inclusion, more inclusive work environments.

Free eBook

In honor of Celebrate Diversity Month, we hosted our second Diversity Makes Us Better webinar, with a focus on Multicultural Marketing and the challenges and opportunities for marketing leaders and CMOs. 
In order to help you maximize the valuable content and insights that were shared during the event, we have created this eBook that is available for you to make the most of it.