Important Factors of Holiday Party Planning

1) Be mindful of the alcohol consumption of your guests, and also make sure to have an Uber number on hand or pre-plan for transportation. This is very important because it keeps the guests safe and prevents an unnecessary chaos or stress from happening.

2) Make sure there is not too much programming (speaking, presenting, etc.). Keep in mind this is a fun event, and no one finds two hours of speaking and presenting to be fun. This will allow time for guests to socialize, network and engage with one another.

3) When it comes to the theme, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Classic themes like Winter Wonderland or Christmas are very outdated and overused. It will be refreshing and memorable for the guests, if the theme is one that is unexpected. You can always come up with some creative theme ideas such as Monopoly, Boardwalk Carnival, vintage 1920’s and etc., for your holiday party.

4) Use this opportunity to recognize your employee and thank them for their hard work. The holidays are about being appreciative and grateful for what we’ve got and there is honestly no better way to do that than with a holiday party in their honor. This is a great and fun way to thank them for all the time and effort they put in.