In the Spotlight: How Tech is Mastering Influencer Events

How Tech is Mastering Influencer Events

In recent years, the Tech industry is turning to influencer events to connect brands to culture. Top brands like TikTok, Meta, Google, Apple and Amazon are leaning into these types of events to take the brand to the next level and drive business. Here are three examples. 



3 examples of how tech industry is mastering influencer events


1) TikTok mastering influencer events to build community with diverse creators across different cities. 

Over the last year, TikTok has been implementing influencer events to reengage with their different communities of influencers. We have partnered with the company to help them produce different event experiences across different cities to connect with their communities of creators including the Casa TikTok program for Latinx creators and their Black TikTok program for their African American creators.   

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¨After over a year of virtual programming, TikTok brought #BlackTikTok and #CasaTikTok creators together in person to network, strengthen relationships, and (of course) capture content for various channels. ¨(Bizbash 




 2) Amazon’s First Creator Summit  

Other brands like Meta, Google, Apple, and Amazon are organizing numerous influencer event experiences to foster connectivity and engage with their creator/influencer community. Amazon Creator Summit is the most recent event by the retailer, a gathering where influencers had the opportunity to connect in person, learn new tricks, but also get inspired by inspiring keynotes and panels featuring celebrities like actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba, who shared about her journey to entrepreneurship and how she built a career she loves.  

Amazon also invited their top creators in the program to share about the opportunities available from the Amazon Influencer Program, to help other creators navigate them, and maximize earnings. 


¨Amazon is hosting numerous events for influencers through the end of the year, according to a 27-page pitch deck viewed by Insider, and is pushing for brands to sponsor things like hotel bathrooms, embroidered pajamas, and dressing rooms.¨ (Insider 


3) Google’s Daydream Launch Events 

Some tech companies organize influencer events to unveil their latest products. A few years ago, Google hosted an event in London to introduce their virtual reality offering, the Daydream View headset, to 40 of their top influencers. This very exclusive event aimed to create an experience to educate and inspire them about the product but also encourage them to use their Google Pixel phones. 

During the event, the influencers had the chance to trial four of the best apps available on Daydream in our immersive demo area. Guests then enjoyed a multi-sensory tasting menu, complete with bespoke projection mapping.  



Tech Industry & Influencer Events  

Not only for Tech, but for many other industries, Influencer events have become the ideal stage for content creation. From behind-the-scenes glimpses into influencers’ lives to event coverage and product collaborations, content creators can craft engaging narratives that resonate with their audiences. They can harness the event’s energy to craft compelling stories, capture candid moments, and foster meaningful connections.   


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