Influencer Events

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Events to engage with your brand ambassadors and influencers.   

Events to build community with your creators and affiliates.

Events to supercharge your influencer marketing strategy and maximize ROI.

Powerful event solutions for your Influencer strategy.

Hello Marketing Leaders! Need to supercharge your creator programs? Let us help you elevate your influencer events. When well planned, these events will elevate your relationships with influencers, and get them excited about your brand’s universe.  

Let’s partner and turn influencers into champions.  Invest in your relationship with them and they will fall in love with your brand.

Exciting Experiences Where They Are!

Host events in different cities to engage with your influencers from different cultural backgrounds. Get closer to them. Show that you care.

We will partner with you to take care of every detail, so you can focus on building your relationship with them and enjoying the trip. We will handle all details from venue negotiation, event strategy & design, transportation & transfers, accommodation, entertainment, to city tours, and cultural experiences.

Check out our ¨Ultimate guide to host stellar influencer events¨

Influencer Events for Beauty Brands

Influencer events have become an increasingly popular way for beauty brands to engage with both macro and micro-influencers. In today’s competitive beauty industry, events have emerged as a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audience and create memorable experiences for them.

Beauty brands have really caught on to the importance of moving past typical advertising methods and connecting with consumers on a more personal level.


Influencer Events in Action!

Take a look at the ¨Diverse Creator National Tour¨ Case study. See how we partnered with TikTok to engage with their Latinx and African American creator communities. 
  • 11 Events in 7 Cities
  • 100 % Diverse-Owned Venues
  • Total of 550 attendees

Influencer Events

Event Strategy & Design
Transportation & Hospitality
Attendee Journey Mapping
Venue Sourcing
Diversity & Inclusion
Talent & Emcee
Swag bags & Gifting
Event Tech & Signage
Run of Show


Full-Service Event Planning
Innovative Event Design
Diverse Network of Vendors
Top Event Technology
WOW Customer Service
Exclusive Talent and Entertainment
Exclusive Venues
Enhanced Benefits For Event Series
Highly Professional & Experienced Team
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