Innovate with Us: 5 Stunning Event Activations

5 stunning event activations - Innovate Marketing Grouo


Are you running out of ideas for your event activations? Here are 5 stunning activations to use at your next event:

1. Confetti Filled Photobooth

Take a cue from the Google Home Mini Donut Shop and bring in a “Sprinkle Booth.” Guests make an animated GIF come to life by surrounding themselves in confetti.

2. Giant Lite Brite

Attendees can create their own design with this fun giant LiteBrite or create an existing branded image!

3. Mirror, Mirror

Selfies are still just as popular as ever. Brand a mirror with your company logo and allow guests to face it and smile for their selfies!



¨People go to your event to have fun and be engaged¨

4. Social Media Activated Vending Machines

It only takes less than 280 characters to give attendees access to your pre-selected prizes by having them tweet to win. Not only do guests receive cool branded items, but this will also drive your social media engagement and increase your online presence.

5. Video Paint Technology

Give your guests a digital paint roller and have them slowly unveil your company’s message. This requires a large surface area that you can project on. Get your guests up and active to reveal your secret message!


Photo Credit: SmileboothTrend HunterTony Brown, IKEA, USA Network

Today, consumers care more about experiences that are interactive and memorable. Let us create some WOW experiences for your next event by contacting us today!



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