Innovate With Us: Let Your Drinks Glow

Innovate Marketing

We’re always on the lookout for our next signature drink idea! Impress your audience by incorporating fun lighting into your next drink menu:

Cups, Shot Glasses, and Tumblrs
Activate the glow effect by pressing a button on the bottom of the cup, shot glass, or tumblr. LEDs are usually a built into button. It’ll wow your guests, especially for a nighttime event. Many options include a color changing or strobe effect.

Ice Cubes
You can add light-up ice cubes to any drink or fill an entire champange bucket for a spectacular display. The best part? You can freeze them in advance to keep your drinks cold without altering the taste.

When a drink is placed on top, the coaster will light up! It becomes a fun, portable party favor for your guests to take home at the end of the night.

BONUS: Mason Jars, Baby Bottles, and Lightbulbs
You don’t have to stick to traditional glassware. We love how vendors from the 626 Night Market switched up their drink menus by adding light-up mason jars, baby bottles, and lightbulb keychains!

Photo Credit: Style Raiders