Just Hanging Out: 3 Inspirational Ceiling Art Installations for Your Event


You never know when, or where, inspiration will strike. We are fascinated by these 3 inspirational ceiling art installations for your event:

1. Simon Birch
We love Simon Birch’s The Crusher (The Talisman) featuring some very pointy pitchforks. This installation will keep your guests on their toes!

2. Richard Wentworth
It might be a challenge trying to read all the books in Richard Wentworth’s exhibition at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Collection. This would be an amazing entrance for a fundraiser for a non-profit focused on education or literacy.

3. Brown & Garrett
Artists Brown & Garrett used over 15,000 light bulbs to create this cloud ceiling at Progress Bar in Chicago. As guests move under the cloud, it uses sensors to recreate “lightning” in the space. This would be an amazing installation to use for a technology conference or a nighttime gala.


Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. Sometimes all you need to do is look up! We share more event activations and event inspiration on our Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Photo Credit: gameofash, Istanbul Modern, CAITLIND R.C. BROWN & WAYNE GARRETT


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