Looking to the Future: Gaze-Based Technology


The tech world is fascinated by virtual reality and augmented reality and are now expanding into developing more gaze-based technology –  programming that is controlled by where we look. We’re interested in how this can be incorporated into events and brainstormed a few ideas to share with you:

Kids Entertainment
More developers are now working on video games that require the player to look in a certain direction in order to advance their game play. We are impressed with games like Candy Squad, where the controls are hands-free. Kids must physically turn their heads in different directions to increase their score.


Brand Storytelling
We’re amazed by the latest work from Penrose Studios titled Arden’s Wake, a touching story about one girl’s underwater adventure. Because this is a story told entirely in VR, it opens up the possibilities for different story lines and viewpoints every time you watch. This would be a wonderful event activation idea that can be experienced more than once.


Product Launches
It’s fascinating how companies like ModiFace used eye tracking technology to see which makeup products customers were focusing on the most. They’ve released applications that allow to the user to give themselves an augmented reality makeover and test out new products in a creative way.


As more brands explore new ways of interacting with their consumer base, gaze-based technology leaves guests with an experience that is unique to their event. Contact us today to find out how we can incorporate more experiential marketing into your next event.

Photo Credit: VR Focus, Penrose Studios, TechCrunch