Mother Nature Vs. Event Planners

As event planners, we often face the challenges of outdoor events. Mother Nature doesn’t always go according to the plans. At one of our past events, shortly after it ended we were greeted by a huge hail which is unusual for Southern California. Luckily, all major strike already took place. The team took shelter and waited out until the hail stopped to continue the strike.  Here are a few ways we anticipate dealing with inclement weather:

Rain or Shine
It’s important to check the weather the week of your event. If it looks like a rainy forecast, we recommend working with your venue and vendors to see what the backup plan would be in case it does start to rain. Make sure all your vendors are prepared rain or shine!

Stay Warm or Cool
If it’s during the cooler months, hand warmers will be a lifesaver.  You can place them in your pockets and activate them on the spot. Make sure to incorporate heaters around your event space as well. If your event is during the summer, consider investing in misters or providing sunscreen and shade for your attendees.

Know Your Exit Plan
Event planners know that the safety of their guests is the number one priority. Memorize your exit strategy at every venue, have a prerecorded announcement ready at all times, and choose a meet up spot for your team beforehand.

Dealing with a nature can be a challenge. As event planners, we want to prepared and make sure our outdoor events are a success!