Moutai Sensorium – An Experience of all 5 Senses


Making their presence known in the U.S., Moutai, the most sought-after liquor in the world, hosted an exclusive dinner for 50 hand-selected VIP guests, ranging from influencers to elites of different industries. Utilizing the unique OUE Skyspace in Downtown Los Angeles as the venue, Innovate Marketing Group curated an experience that gave guests the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into Moutai. The Moutai Sensorium allowed guests to experience the brand like never before with activations to adhere to all five senses.

As guests entered the event, they were greeted by ambassadors in traditional Chinese qipao’s and a mixed cocktail highlighting the spirit of Moutai. During the cocktail reception, guests learned about the history and distillation process through interactive activations and experienced Moutai through all five senses:

  • Touch – Guests were able to feel the sorghum wheat and activate a short video about the distillation process by placing the sorghum into a distillation filter.
  • Smell – Sorghum and the extract Moutai fragrance was available for guests to smell as the aroma lingered in the air at the small activation station.
  • Sight – Moutai Mountains in China’s Guizhou province where Moutai is made was projected on the windows overlooking the Downtown Los Angeles skyline. The scenes changes throughout the evening.
  • Hear – Traditional Chinese music from the Guizhou province played gently in the background to set the ambiance.
  • Taste – A highly curated Chinese menu was created to pair Moutai perfectly with each entrée to bring out the flavors of the drink. Crab meat salad with mountain yam, golden lobster tail, miso sea bass, peking duck with scallions, and more.

Through the Moutai Sensorium, Western elites were introduced to the most sought-after liquor in the world and had the opportunity to interact with the brand at all different levels. The event engaged guests in conversation and brought about the topic of Moutai as a social, luxury liquor for all to enjoy and celebrate with.

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