Planning Lunar New Year Events in Los Angeles California

Planning Lunar New Year Events in Los Angeles California

When the Lunar New Year approaches, the vibrant and diverse city of Los Angeles gears up for a celebration like no other. Home to a rich tapestry of cultures, the city embraces the opportunity to honor the traditions of its Asian communities during this auspicious time. But planning Lunar New Year events in Los Angeles California requires meticulous organization and a deep appreciation for the diverse customs that make this celebration so special. 

 The planning process

The planning process for Lunar New Year events begins months in advance and planning committees work closely with cultural experts and performers to curate an authentic experience that pays homage to the traditions of the Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and other Asian communities that call Los Angeles home. 


¨The Lunar New Year is a time to call in prosperity, health, and good luck. Centered around family, food, and celebration, here are the best festivals, limited dinner engagements, and dessert specials across L.A.¨ (Los Angeles Times




Every Lunar New Year the streets of Los Angeles come alive with vibrant decorations, traditional lanterns, and the unmistakable red and gold hues symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. Parade routes are carefully selected to showcase the beauty of the city, while also accommodating the thousands of spectators who gather to witness the procession of colorful floats, traditional dance performances, and martial arts displays. 

 From the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy Perspective 

¨While celebrating the Lunar New Year, employers should take the chance to highlight and promote Asian designers, vendors, and partners to their workplaces… Employees should support Asian-owned businesses during the Lunar New Year and in the months afterward. This could be done by providing staff with a list of Asian-owned restaurants, retailers, and non-profits that they could support in their community… From a DEI strategy perspective, companies should do an audit of their supplier diversity spending to ensure that a significant portion of their suppliers are owned and led by underrepresented groups, rather than just a small portion…¨ (HRD

Planning to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Los Angeles California? 

planning lunar new year events in los angeles california

Food plays a central role in the Lunar New Year celebrations, with food vendors offering a delectable array of traditional dishes. From dumplings and spring rolls to special New Year cakes, the culinary delights mirror the diversity of the city’s Asian cuisine. As event planners, we collaborate with local restaurants and chefs to ensure an authentic gastronomic experience for attendees. 

Cultural exhibitions, art displays, and interactive workshops

 In the spirit of inclusivity, Lunar New Year events in Los Angeles also feature cultural exhibitions, art displays, and interactive workshops. These activities provide an opportunity for your attendees to learn about the customs and significance of the Lunar New Year across various Asian cultures, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation. 

  As the sun sets over the cityscape, the Lunar New Year celebrations in Los Angeles culminate in a spectacular fireworks display, lighting up the night sky and symbolizing a fresh start and renewed hope for the year ahead.  

 About planning your event 

If you are planning to celebrate Lunar New Year in Los Angeles California or any other place in Southern California, give us a call. Our team will handle the details and you can focus on the celebration.    

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Planning Lunar New Year Events in Los Angeles California