Stress-Free Event Planning: Sustainability at Your Events

Event planners who keep sustainability as a priority not only save on cost, but also produce less waste at the end of an event. We love to “go green” by following these tips:

Think of The Trees
In our office, we have a sign that reminds us to “think of the trees before you print.” It’s a subtle way to remember to conserve our paper use and only print what we need. We recommend creating signage without the date or year so that it can be reused for multiple events and for it to be stored neatly.

Venue Matters
When applicable, pick a venue with nearby public transportation and a central location for your audience. We often have clients who offer discounts for ride-sharing services so that their employees can carpool together. People will appreciate the close proximity to the event, all while reducing their carbon footprint. We recommend to also look for LEED certified venues which we call green venues that already have sustainability practices in place.

Find New Technology
New programs are being created every day that are paperless and efficient. For example, companies can use an online bidding application for their  silent auction This produces less paper waste and streamlines the auction process. It’s a win-win!

Implement these tips in order to support a more sustainable business. Remember to “reduce, reuse, and recycle!”

Photo Credit: Triumph