Summer Corporate Family Day Fun!

Alright let’s get serious, who doesn’t love the summer and attending employee appreciation work parties. When it comes to planning a fun and engaging event appreciating your staff for all their hard work, remember to incorporate engaging activities that can be both entertaining and provide team bonding elements. Innovate Marketing Group curated a family fun day event experience that involved fun activities, delicious food and entertainment for all ages for the East West Bank Employee Appreciation Day. The event took place at the LA Coliseum. Innovate Marketing Group, an Los Angeles event planning company pulled out all the stops, offering a variety of 15 different food trucks and 6 different team building exercise just to name a few. Over 200 staffs, 50+ interactive booths, and 100+ signs designed to help execute this event for 2,000 people. We also had a 100ft obstacle course! More photos.