The Anniversary Collective: a new era in corporate milestone celebrations.

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At Innovate Marketing Group, we are proud to announce our collaboration with “The Anniversary Collective,” a powerhouse consortium dedicated to reimagining how organizations commemorate their key milestones. 


Crafting Legacies. Celebrating Milestones. 


Teaming up with renowned partners HAI (research, Discovery and Experience Company), Marketing Maven, and MLT Creative, the Anniversary Collective is poised to revolutionize the art of celebration. Together, we will join forces to bring an unparalleled wealth of experience across historical research, storytelling, marketing, and event management to create bespoke events that are destined to leave an indelible mark on attendees and key audiences alike.  

 This collaboration builds upon decades of expertise in elevating event experiences and further enhancing them with the collective wisdom of complementary businesses. 



“Any brand can host an event, but an intentionally crafted event can propel brands to unprecedented heights. We believe in weaving a company’s history into event strategies and experiences like no other, creating not just another event but an event that etches its legacy into the company’s history.” —Amanda Ma, Founder and CEO of Innovate Marketing Group.  


The Anniversary Collective: a new era in corporate milestone celebrations.

Innovate Marketing Group will spearhead event strategies for the Collective, drawing upon our award-winning experiences. With this dynamic partnership, clients can anticipate a seamless and turnkey experience. This collaboration liberates clients, enabling them to immerse themselves fully in the celebration while entrusting the complex logistics to the seasoned experts. Furthermore, it expedites the process of assembling the requisite expertise across various domains, saving valuable time for our clients. 



Our Holistic Strategy

The Anniversary Collective employs a methodical three-phase strategy to guarantee a comprehensive and impactful celebration of your organization’s milestones:

Phase1: Storyboard Tactical Development

This phase marks the foundation of our approach. Starting with a project kick-off, we conduct visioning and theming workshops to create a comprehensive roadmap for your celebration journey. During this phase, all members of the Anniversary Collective come together to strategize and help guide the client. This is the consulting part of our services where we focus on big-picture strategies, helping you to envision your celebration and define your goals.

Phase 2: Research

This phase delves deep into your organization’s history and story. We develop a research plan, identify sources ranging from historical records to staff inputs, and conduct extensive research to gather all relevant information. After meticulous analysis, we present our findings along with a strategy, detailing goals, KPIs, gifting ideas, event strategies, and more.

Phase 3: Event Planning and Management

We conceptualize and coordinate a commemorative event that is an amalgamation of entertainment, education, and celebration. Our expert team handles logistics management including venue selection, audiovisual setup, catering, and guest registration, promising a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees. Artfully intertwine your brand into the event celebration, creating an immersive experience for all to enjoy and make an impact!


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Your Milestone, Our Mastery

The Anniversary Collective brings together the best in the industry to transform your milestone celebrations into a momentous, memorable experience.

With our meticulously coordinated and collaborative method, we strive to emphasize your organization’s journey, heritage, and vision, crafting a narrative that strikes a chord with your employees, stakeholders, and the wider public. As the Anniversary Collective, we don’t simply commemorate time; we ensure it holds significance.