The art of making more diverse and inclusive corporate events

Diverse and inclusive corporate events

The art of making more diverse and inclusive corporate events  

If you are looking for new ways to plan more diverse and inclusive corporate events, you are in the right place. During the last years, we have provided event management services to a variety of multicultural organizations such as The Latino CoalitionThe Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council, the Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, and the Asian and Pacific Islanders (APIs), among many others. 

At IMG, we believe in our clients’ missions and goals regarding bringing light to the cultures they represent and the need for representation. We stand behind their important causes and support their communities.  

Diversity runs in our blood and we are ready to share our experience with you, to make sure your events are more welcoming and DEI compliant 


Diverse, equal and Inclusive corporate events, in the numbers:  

  • A study revealed that 40% of event planners revealed that they didn’t have all the information/knowledge needed to plan inclusive experiences.  
  • Technology events were found to have 63% male speakers versus 37% female speakers. 
  • In analyzing gender distribution across speakers by event type, the study found Job Search & Info Sessions (69% female versus 31% male) and Fundraisers & Galas (58% female versus 42% male) to be the most diverse 
  • Summits (85% male versus 15% female) and Conferences & Conventions (66% male versus 34% female) were reported to be the least diverse. 
  • A recent report says that nearly half of Post-Millennials or Gen-Zers (people born between the mid-1990s and mid-2010s) are non-white. 



Planning diverse and inclusive corporate events is not an easy task. Statistics prove that we are still far from having a diverse, equal, and inclusive representation in professional and corporate events. And the COVID19 pandemic isn’t helping. Virtual & hybrid events are representing new difficulties and challenges.  

The good news? There are solutions to the diversity problem. Many are the tactics to include in your strategy. Here are some of our favorites:  

Diverse and inclusive corporate events

A few best practices to integrate diversity and inclusion when planning corporate events: 


  • Look for a more diverse representation of speakers. It’s the most visible way to prove your event’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Also, that will help you can attract more diverse audiences.  
  • Address technological and class inequity. Not everybody has access to high-speed Internet.  
  • Do not stop with just including more women or more people with diverse racial ethnicities, also include people of various ages, physical abilities, economic classes, and educational levels. Your event should mirror the diversity of your society. 
  • Offer inclusive food choices. Despite what we’d like to believe, we’re all picky eaters. Most people have also tied their food choices to other belief systems—religion, environment, health, lifestyle, and more. 
  • Partner with an event planning agency that is specialized in DEI events. 


As a Woman and Minority-Owned company, we will continue to do our part in shining a light on the communities that need it most and the businesses that deserve recognition. 

If you want to read more about how IMG embraces diversity and inclusion, click on the link below:


If you need more tactics or need help planning more diverse and inclusive events, do not hesitate in contacting us.