The Future of Event Tech!


The future is now! As technology evolves into new and innovative ways, so does technology trends at corporate events. New event technologies are appearing for every part of an event, from budgeting to registration to design. Event planners embrace modernization, innovative tools and incorporating fun.

There is a mobile application for everything to help you streamline such as registration, check-in, agendas and programs, live polls, surveying attendees, QR codes and so much more – while enhancing and personalizing the attendee experience.  You can even customize an app and personalize users, so it looks like it was created specifically for your event and guests.

Technology is a great tool to add interactive experiences and activities at an event such as augmented and virtual reality. By creating a location-based augmented reality component in your event app, guests can use their smartphones to scan interactive experiences with content related to sponsors, the event and even the venue. Virtual reality will be even more accessible, budget-friendly and will be more standard during live events to engage guests.

Projection mapping gives you the ability to truly transform any space with new design elements. This visual technology is an efficient, cost-effective way to create optical illusions on anything, using projectors that light up everything from stages to ceilings and walls with an interactive 3D display – such as social media walls to interactive art displays.

As RFID technology gets smarter, physical and digital data will begin to come together. Event hosts will be able to see which presentations, activities, and meetings guests attended in order to measure attendee engagement and interests more effectively.

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