The Importance of Interactivity at Events


Everybody wants, and sometimes needs, to be entertained and engaged in order to avoid feeling tired and bored, it’s part of our human nature, but it is also an event planner’s worst nightmare. The solution to this problem is having interactivity fully incorporated into an event. From the theme, entertainment, décor, activities and service, the key is to have all elements go beyond being one-dimensional so that the attendees are constantly engaged and left in awe of something they certainly did not expect.

Some ideas that are creative and quite inspiring and have been very successful include, interactive art that allows guests to “leave their mark,” performance groups that interact with the guests and require their participation and décor that has fluidity and motion and is multi-dimensional. These are just a few ideas that can help elevate your event and keep your guests fully engaged and entertained, not only by the entertainment, activities and décor, but also with each other.