Top 10: Ultimate Holiday Party Secrets Spilled

The holidays are right around the corner! Use these 10 helpful tips to perfect the art of organizing a holiday party.

  1. Delight Your Guests. Surprise your guests with a giveaway. At one of our corporate holiday celebrations, each guest received a light-up necklace in the shape of a light bulb and cute holiday headbands. They were a hit!
  2. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. Introduce your guests to the latest trends in holiday treats – we invited Los Angeles waffle masters, The Dolly Llama to have our guests try their amazing mini waffles with assorted toppings.
  3. Fry Day. End the week with delicious French fries served at your next corporate holiday party. We turned the creativity up a notch by adding fried squid balls and curry fries.
  4. Let’s Get Crafty. Holiday décor is a must for every holiday celebration. Invite guests to create their own holiday wreaths, complete with a custom branded logo charm!
  5. Master the Art of Whiskey. We hosted a fantastic event activation for whiskey fans who enjoyed a private whiskey tasting class with a whiskey master. Contact us today to see how we can bring this activity to your next celebration!
  6. Quality Time. The holiday season always brings people together. Plan a team-building activity to excite guests! We celebrated with a silent disco, karaoke, and fun party games that even involved participants shaking ping pong balls from tissue boxes tied to them.
  7. Gifts and Giveaways Galore. Allow guests to have a keepsake to take home. For a winter celebration, we hosted a tote branding station for guests to choose from a variety of on-brand designs.
  8. Make It Life-Size. Our holiday events have even featured a life-size gingerbread house! Make every moment memorable and encourage guests to share it on social media.
  9. WOW Factor. Bring in entertainment to enhance the holiday cheer. We were delighted to have cigar girls welcome guests to one of our Hollywood themed holiday parties.
  10. Spread The Holiday Cheer. We encourage you to find a theme and brand to incorporate into your decor. Whether it be reindeer or elves, make it fun and present throughout your entire event!