Traditional vs. Non-Traditional

When you think of a company holiday party, does a superhero vs. villain, masquerade or monopoly theme come to mind? More companies are opting out of the traditional holiday party and looking towards unique themes that stand out from the rest by infusing fun and new elements into their celebration. Holiday parties are not only the perfect time to give thanks and show appreciation to your employees; why not also include a change of scenery. We had the opportunity to turn the DIRECTV campus into ‘Tinsel Town’ for their holiday celebration. We projected different black and white holiday movies throughout the space, had a disco dancefloor, marquee lights and even had a special performance from the CEO who played the piano for all of his employee. In the end, we provided 2,500 guests with a full 360 degree sensory experience through customized food and beverage stations, 20+ interactive activation stations and a complete venue transformation. The event theme and execution was loved by all who attended.