Trend Forecast: Multi-sensory Pop Up Experiences

The current “Instagram” audience is wanting larger than life immersive experiences. We’ve seen this successfully done through themed interactive pop up museums, which feature a variety of sensory engaging rooms. With 2018, came the emergence of the incredibly popular Museum of Ice Cream, The Happy Place, 29Rooms, and Candytopia, (just to name a few); and event marketing departments took notice! Lifestyle & beauty brands such as Beautycon, Sephora, and Refinery29, paid close attention to just how powerful social media played in making these pop-ups a success in showcasing brands! Sephora created Sephoria, which included one-of-a-kind beauty experiences and opportunities to customize products from notable brands.

2019 year marks the trend of food museums! From Panda Express’s House of Good Fortune to The Foodie Space, it is no wonder the next big opening in Los Angeles is called “The Egg House”. Event planners are constantly taking notice of the popularity behind multi-sensory rooms and utilizing them to inspire ideas for upcoming event designs. Check out sneak peaks of The Egg House below!


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The Egg House will be open from April 7 to June 27 in Los Angeles, CA.