Virtual Event Planning Checklist

In 2020, we have seen enormous growth in the need for virtual events and the questions regarding planning that come along with it. The truth is virtual events need the same amount of care and attention as live events. There are core factors that need to be organized and addressed, especially if you are planning on pivoting a day-long conference, gala, or meeting to a virtual event. Fundamentals such as event goals, promotion, and attendee engagement should be present and not set to the side due to the event being virtual.

We have put together our ultimate virtual event planning checklist to ensure your next virtual event is an impactful one.

Establish Virtual Event Goals & Objectives

  • Start with the Why
  • Event Goals
  • Target Audience

Develop A Virtual Event Concept & Plan

  • Ideation
  • Create a theme
  • Vision board/inspiration board
  • Create a timeline
  • Role clarity
  • Set expectations
  • Set budget (platform, events agency, graphics, AV, video production, etc).
  • Date and time
  • Consider what other events
  • Content distribution strategy
  • Consider your attendees

Consider The Format of Your Virtual Event

  • 3D vs not
  • Webinar
  • Live Stream
  • Web Chat
  • Panels and Forum
  • Live vs pre-recorded vs hybrid
  • Program: Overall session, breakout, networking, exhibitors, entertainment, etc.

Other Elements

  • Registration
  • Entertainment
  • Sponsor highlights
  • Marketing plan
  • Fundraising
  • Pre- event engagements
  • Communication plan with attendees, speakers, etc.

Virtual Platform

  • User Experience
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Functions: Have a good understanding which features are truly important to you
  • Q & A
  • Chat
  • Polling
  • Data Analysis
  • Gamification
  • White glove services vs. none

Speaker Management

  • Connect with them to see if they have experience with virtual events
  • Speaker best practices
  • Rehearsal (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Provide talking points
  • Communicate frequently and send reminders month of, week of, day prior

One Month Out

  • Send out confirmations for final details
  • Virtual team (platform, communication, social media, etc.)
  • External & Internal communication flow & system (Zoom, Slack…)
  • Connect with platform if headcount increased to ensure they can support that capacity

1-2 Weeks

  • Review expectation with team
  • Go over final details
  • Send out reminder communication
  • Do speed check on internet
  • Rehearsal with speakers
  • Review contingency plans
  • Check all integration of platforms

The Day Before

  • Make sure everything is set up and TESTED
  • Send out reminder communication
  • Confirm day of timeline with internal team and vendors
  • Final checklist to ensure all tasks are completed

Day Of

  • Set up a separate laptop(s) so you can see engagement from user perspective
  • Actual event
  • Live stream channels
  • Production team call time
  • Check In with all vendors, team, social media team, etc.

Post Event

  • Internal Team
  • Debrief
  • Share data
  • Estimate vs actual budget review
  • ROI review
  • Cancel subscription/software
  • Send out prizes for online gamification if any
  • Post event report
  • Sponsors/Exhibitors
  • Send sponsors, exhibitors data
  • Send Survey
  • Thank you notes (sponsors, speakers, presenters, donors, media, partners)
  • Attendees
    • Send thank you
    • Send Survey
    • Send data (if applicable
    • Future event info or call to action

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