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WHO: Prominent Black and Latino Leaders in the public and private sector who care about social justice in America, and seek change, justice and an end to racism.

WHAT: Live stream program called “Strength Thru Unity”: Black & Brown Lives Sowing the Seed of Change will take place to foster, inspire and help develop collaboration between Latinos and African Americans.

Panelists include Dr. Benjamin Chavis, organizer of the Million Man March; Dolores Huerta, Dolores Huerta Foundation, Lydia Camarillo, president of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project; Eva Plaza, esq., former HUD Under Secretary, Fair Housing; Margret Prescod of KPFK-FM, Gilbert Vasquez, chairman of the LA Latino Chamber of Commerce, Kevin Harbour, president of BizFed Institute and moderated by Gabriela Teissier, anchor of KMEX-Univision.

During “Strength Thru Unity” viewers will be able to ask questions, share experiences and offer solutions. 

WHEN: July 1st at 1 PM – 2 PM PST will live stream

“Strength Thru Unity” will air also on KPFK 90.7 on July 4th at 10:00 AM PST. 

WHERE: To register for “Strength Thru Unity,” click HERE.

Watch the live stream on the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project and KPFK.

WHY: While we must address ongoing police abuse, we cannot ignore the subtle and, by extension, alarming ways racism hurts all people of color, including:

  • Racism in Hollywood and the media. Black and Brown people of color are invisible on TV and film in a multicultural city of 10 MM in Los Angeles. Black and Brown journalists are missing from mainstream newsrooms as editors, reporters, producers and on-air talent. At the LA Times metro desk, of the nearly 90 journalists covering this beat, only one is a Black reporter.
  • Economic disparities. Black and Brown families experience greater financial insecurity because of employment discrimination that hinders pay; housing discrimination that limits wealth building and residential segregation that slows mobility, per the Urban Institute. Likewise, Black and Brown people have been denied equal access to capital for business or home ownership.
  • Health disparities. Black and Brown families are being affected by COVID-19 at significantly higher rates than other Americans
  • Homelessness. Black and Brown people experience homelessness at higher rates than Whites and make up a disproportionate share of the homeless population, per the National Alliance to End Homelessness. 
  • Disparities in incarceration. Black and Brown people are overrepresented in jail for petty crimes compared to Whites. According to NAACP, African Americans are incarcerated at more than five times the rate of Whites.

These are just a few inequities minority communities deal with on a daily basis. The effort to address social challenges needs to continue but with more consistent collaboration between minority communities. Now is the time; Blacks and Latinos need to come together to improve the lives of all people of color.

“Strength Thru Unity” is a program to inspire and encourage social justice, presented by the US Guatemala Chamber of Commerce, the Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce, the National Newspapers Publisher’s Association and the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project.