Virtual Event Tips: The Process & What to Consider

When planning a virtual event there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure your event is a success.

Firstly, is the process. What is the process of creating and running an engaging and exciting virtual event? The top 3 aspects to look for are:

  • Strategy – Learn how to hold an authentic and engaging virtual space.
  • Facilitation – The need for dynamic dialogue and smooth transitions.
  • Design & Implementation – Explore platforms and tools to develop and design the new digital experience.

The next step is figuring out what you should consider when planning a virtual event. The top four aspects to look for are:

  • Priorities –
    • What is the focus or goal?
    • Is it beneficial to go virtual?
    • Consider contingency plans and changes.
  • Planning –
    • What is the guest’s journey?
    • Content is king!
    • Engagement will keep your viewers.
  • People –
    • Who is the target audience?
    • Adding a recognizable face can increase engagement.
    • Moderator needed to help transition ground rules.
  • Program –
    • Duration of the program.
    • Free/social platform vs. Fully customized.
    • Most critical or beneficial topics.

Remember to ask your self, What is the focus? What is the guest’s Journey? and who is our target audience?