What’s in Your Emergency Tech Bag?


As a planner, you can NEVER be too prepared. That’s why we always bring our handy-dandy TECH BAG wherever we go! In preparation for AV emergency cases we always bring with us these essential trouble-shooting tech items: 

  • Lightning to Digital AV Adapter 
  • USB Dongle 
  • Flashlight 
  • Batteries: AA and AAA 
  • USB drive (at least 8-32GB) 
  • USB hub 
  • USB wall changer 
  • USB iPad 30-pin data sync charging cable 
  • Lightning to USB cable 
  • 3-Outlet triple wall tap 
  • Wireless laser presenter  
  • Screen wipes 
  • Earbuds 
  • Wireless mouse with wireless USB receiver  
  • Stylus 
  • Screwdrivers (Philips and flathead) 
  • MiFi hotspot 

Be prepared at your next event when you’re projecting videos, PowerPoints, and exchanging files via email with different people, there may be times where your internet is down right when you need it the most and that MiFi could just be your saving grace of making or breaking your program start time.  

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