TIKTOK – Women Who Will – Event Series

Women Who Will Series

TIKTOK | Women Who Will Series

We joined forces with TikTok to bring together an extraordinary group of talented women-identifying creators in not just one, not two, but FOUR vibrant cities across the United States

Imagine the glittering streets of Los Angeles, the dazzling lights of Washington DC, the pulsating heartbeat of New York City, and the vibrant spirit of Austin, TX.

The event series was a whirlwind adventure that helped unite these trailblazing creators, igniting a firestorm of creativity and empowerment. These incredible women came together to weave their extraordinary stories, sharing their unique experiences as fearless female-identifying creators. The air was charged with inspiration, passion, and the unyielding spirit of innovation.

Top Highlights:

Utilized 3 woman-owned venues and 13 woman-owned vendors for the event series

Kicking off each event was an awe-inspiring panel of remarkable women from diverse industries. These accomplished individuals graced the stage, sharing their invaluable words of wisdom and providing relatable insights that resonated with everyone in the audience.

The list of panelists included: Amy Liu, founder of Tower 28, Robyn DelMonte, Makayla London, Naomi Hearts, Tiffany Yu, Gabby Eniclerico, Daphnique Springs, Erin McGoff, Giselle Ugarte, Funmi Monet, Jasmine Nguyen, and Courtney Shields, founder of DIBS Beauty.The Women of TikTok were inspired by the panelists and the energy of so many female-identifying creators was palpable. Everyone was excited to be there and meet one another.

The event celebrated the fearless women who dare to dream big, create boldly, and make their mark on the world. This was a partnership that will go down in history, a moment that will leave you breathless and inspired.

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Tiktok -Women who will - event series
women empowerment event ideas
women empowerment event ideas
Tiktok -Women who will - event series