Zojirushi America 30th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Zojirushi America, a Japanese kitchenware brand, hired award winning, Los Angeles events and experiential marketing agency, Innovate Marketing Group, to curate a one of a kind celebration. The event took place at the beautiful Vibiana in Downtown Los Angeles on August 25, 2017. Innovate Marketing Group designed the event to highlight all of Zojirushi America’s success over the last 30 years, incorporated their brand into unique activations and fun pop up stations, and brought in the element of surprise.


Pop up food stations adorned the sides and included a live sushi making station, takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls) station, robata station, and Angel City Brewery. Innovate Marketing Group wanted to showcase Zojirushi products throughout the event starting with the takoyaki vendor making their food on Zojirushi takoyaki plates for guests to see. A 16’x8’ history wall displayed a timeline of historical moments for Zojirushi, including the new product releases and awards they received. As the cocktail reception came to an end, guests were surprised by a traditional taiko drum performance that guided them into the main hall for dinner and programming.


The night was filled with interactive activations. A green screen photo booth offered guests custom branded Zojirushi backgrounds or the Hollywood sign, as many guests were from out of town. A vibrant blue lounge set with custom branded pillows welcomed guests to sit back and relax. A beautiful balloon installation draped the lounge area and bar, cascading with blue, white, black, and marble balloons of all sizes. It added an extravagant touch to the event space. A Japanese candy and snack pop up, “Sweets n’ Treats,” was a custom built display consisting of a pallet wall adorned with wooden crates to compliment the event design. It was filled with many guest favorites and definitely a hit with the crowd. A coffee station, “One Stop, Coffee Shop,” offered guests a little refreshment and were served out of Zojirushi coffee makers and carafes to highlight their products. Each centerpiece was uniquely designed to incorporate Zojirushi products that were to be raffled off to the guests. They included rice cookers, water boilers, mugs, thermos, to bread makers.

As guests are settling in their seat, dinner is being served, and the live band is playing background music, Innovate Marketing Group added another element of surprise. A twelve-piece choir, rose up above the mezzanine of the hall and belted out the chorus to “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang. Guests were caught off guard and mesmerized as the band joined in with the choir. During the song, the choir made their way down to the hall and three trumpet/sax players popped up from the dining tables and joined in on the performance. The choir danced their way to the stage and formed a 20-performer entertainment act with 8 band members. They continued to entertain guests with their rendition of “Happy” by Pharrell and “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.


In Japan, every celebration starts off with a sake breaking ceremony as tradition. Innovate Marketing Group incorporated the sake breaking ceremony into the celebration, with all 200 guests standing for a toast in honor of Zojirushi’s 30th anniversary.

Innovate Marketing Group designed an experience that truly encompassed the brand and highlighted all that Zojirushi has accomplished.  By incorporating traditional Japanese cuisine, entertainment, sake breaking ceremony to incorporating Zojirushi product in the centerpieces, coffee station, and takoyaki station, Innovate Marketing Group exceeded the client’s goals. The overall event design was beautifully created with every little detail in mind. Guests had the opportunity to indulge themselves in the Zojirushi culture and history through creatively designed experiences.